Author: DanPoynter  |  Category: RTW2D, Travel Tips

In May 2011, I flew around the world in two days. I departed Los Angeles on a Tuesday, flew to Washington, Dubai, Singapore, Taipei and landed in Los Angeles on a Thursday. About 41 hours were spent in the air and some 7 hours were consumed on the ground between flights.

5 countries, 4 stops, 3 airlines, 2 days, 1 passenger.

On arriving back in Los Angeles, I alighted from the plane feeling normal, even refreshed. Normally after a 10 or 15-hour flight, passengers feel exhausted and drained.

And there was no jet lag. I went home to bed at my normal time and arose the next morning at my normal time. Apparently my body remained on California time.

This experience seems to indicate that jet lag is not the result of crossing meridians or time zones. It is what happens when you fly through several time zones and then your body has to adjust to a new schedule of day, night, meals, and sleep.

I’ve made 21 round-the– world itineraries; 20 lasted 2.5 to 5 weeks each. Number 21 was for speed.

In addition, there have been many round trips. It is interesting to compare trips out and back to distant places such as from Santa Barbara to Singapore, Johannesburg, Auckland, Dubai or Perth.

If your body does not have to adjust to a new time, there is no jet lag.

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