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May 17 to 19, Dan Poynter will circumnavigate the globe closely following the Jules Verne route but he will do it on regularly-scheduled commercial airlines: United Airlines, Los Angeles to Washington to Dubai; Singapore Air to Singapore; and EVA Air to Taipei and Los Angeles. He will take off from LAX on Tuesday and land back in LAX on Thursday.

Dan will spend 41 hours in the air–probably fewer because airliners usually land ahead of schedule. And he will spend seven hours on the ground between flights–but airliners often push back early.

Dan wants adventurers to realize that anyone can follow his route and duplicate his global circumnavigation. He urges people to spend time online to search for connecting flights to circle the earth even faster than he will. The challenge is to link airline schedule-connections with a minimum of ground time.

Dan Poynter loves to fly. This is his 21st round-the-world itinerary. On the first 20, he spent 2.5 to five weeks conducting business, speaking to groups, gathering information for this Air Travel Handbook, touring fascinating sites and meeting a lot of wonderful people. A typical circumnavigation might have him visiting nine countries, 12 cities, and making 17 speeches. Itinerary #21 is for speed.

Countdown: 5–4-3–2-1.
Five cities, 4 stops, 3 airlines, 2 days by 1 passenger.

The world is getting smaller. Global circumnavigation can be reduced from 80 days to just two; a savings of 78 days.